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This Vedic, Heart Based, meditation is one of the most powerful techniques in developing Consciousness because it allows us to go effortlessly beyond thoughts, feelings, sensations, and the mind to contact that part of us that experiences all of these... our Consciousness. 

When I speak of Consciousness I am referring to the fundamental truth or existence verified by modern physics and glorified by the sages of the past that states:

'All of creation arises out of one underlying field of energy and intelligence.' 

This field is often called the Unified Field or Pure Consciousness. This is the field we are connecting to when we meditate. By regularly connecting to this field we infuse this aspect of Consciousness into our bodies and start to enjoy the many benefits or 'side effects' of this process. These include stress reduction, anxiety levels decrease, sleep issues are treated, depression can shift, memory is boosted, your immune system is strengthened, and it aids in weight loss... just to name a few.

When you learn this technique you will be given a mantra to use in meditation that is based off the best planetary energies for you and your growth as seen in your Jyotish, or eastern, birth chart. 

Meditation is by far one of the most holistically beneficial practices we can incorporate into our lives to greatly increase our quality of day to day life. 

I invite you to try it for yourself...