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Care Instructions

The Cosmik Love Collection is set in sterling and fine silver. All pieces are made to be heirlooms. They require mindfulness and care to maintain the integrity of the natural crystals, as well as polishing, if you wish to maintain the metal's luster. I use natural gems and crystals unless otherwise stated. They are fragile and should be treated with care. Please utilize the box and/or custom satin pouch your jewels come in, and take care not to throw loose pieces into a bag or purse where they could potentially be damaged. Sterling and fine silver will naturally patina over time. This aesthetic is often intentionally created and sought after, but if you wish to keep your pieces shiny, then simply use the polishing cloth (included in all orders). 

Some natural minerals should not be immersed in water, or the ocean. This could change the color/structure of the crystal. Please read all individual product information carefully before purchasing.

Crystals channel, amplify, and reflect energy, and need to be cleansed periodically for purification. This is best done by leaving them out under the full moon or saging them periodically. I cleanse and charge every crystal under the full moon, here in Hawaii, before I send a piece out into the world.

You can personally activate your crystals by setting an intention while holding or wearing them. They will then tune to your unique energies, and work with you on your journey.