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About Cosmik Love Jewelry


Cosmik Love Jewelry was born of my own desire to adorn myself in the power of healing crystals through unique, beautiful, and one of a kind designs. I have been making jewelry in the Hawaiian Islands for over 15 years. I started off working with local shells and have progressed into incorporating, and now focusing on, silver and crystal jewelry.

My journey on this earth has led me to study all kinds of Alternative Health Therapies, which is how I first started working with crystals. Besides creating powerful crystal jewelry, I also work as an Auyrvedic practitioner, a Sound Therapist (utilizing crystal alchemy bowls and gongs), a Mediation instructor, and a LMT. I have worked with crystals for many years, and have personally experienced the love and power they possess in working with us on our unique path.

My dream is to create a unique style of jewelry you can wear daily, that brings healing energies into your energy field. My designs are inspired by meditation, dreams, and my creative intuition. I personally hand make every piece in my studio on the Big Island of Hawaii, overlooking the ocean. I charge and cleanse every crystal under the full moon, here in Hawaii, before I send the piece out into the world.

I make jewelry that I love to wear. I hope you find something that speaks to your soul and aids you in your unique journey as well. 

Much Love and Aloha,

Kristen Cosmi