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Gem Guide


Amazonite is a crystal of truth, communication, and harmony. It works with the Heart (4th), and Throat (5th) Chakras. Spiritually, it assists one in communicating higher truths and knowledge and in perceiving the truth for oneself and in others. Emotionally, it assists in setting appropriate boundaries, within oneself and externally. It helps one to move beyond fear and aligns one with higher truth and integrity for the highest good. Physically it assists healing for many conditions. It is helpful in cell regeneration and healing after trauma or injury. Excellent four gout and arthritis. It can help balance thyroid and adrenals, especially when these glands are over-taxed by excessive stress or emotional repression. 


Amethyst is a crystal of protection, purification, Divine connection, and release of addictions. It works with the Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), and Etheric (8th and beyond) Chakras. Spiritually, it facilitates meditation and communication with one's guides and angels. It opens and clears the third-eye and crown chakras, which in turn accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities. Emotionally, it can help one identify the root causes behind behaviors, habits and emotional patterns which create imbalance and disease. This powerful ally assists one in recognizing one's response-ablility as a spiritual being having a physical experience. Physically it has been used to counter addictive behavior and thought patterns. It lends clarity of mind and helps balance the nervous system and the brain. Can be used with symptoms of tinnitus, nerve disorders, or brain imbalances as well as oxygenation of blood. 


Angel Aura is a crystal of upliftment, peace, serenity, and expanded awareness. It works with the Crown chakra (7th), as well as the Etheric (8th and beyond.) This stone is one of the few color enhanced stones I work with. These crystals go through a special treatment process in which their surfaces are bonded with vaporized or finely powdered platinum, silver, and other trace metals. The resulting crystals exhibit silvery surfaces with flashes of brilliant iridescent color. Spiritually, it opens one's awareness to the frequency of the angelic domain. It assists one in remembering the lessons of past incarnations and attuning to one's spiritual purpose. Emotionally, it uplifts one's mood and puts one into a state of serenity and peace, in which one is able to perceive and receive the love energies of the higher planes. Physically, it allows for the release of stress and the harmonization of one's energy field with the physical body. 


Blue Apatite is a crystal of psychic activation and access to knowledge. It works with the Third Eye (6th) Chakra. This is a deeply spiritual stone with a cleansing influence on the aura, especially in the mental body - the vibratory level associated with psychic perception and paranormal abilities. It is a particularly strong stone to use in past-life or alternate-life work, because of its ability to access the energy levels where the Akashic records and an individual's soul patterns exist. It is excellent as a dream stone for creative problem solving, and for vertical vision, where it is possible to see multiple levels of consciousness operating harmoniously and simultaneously. Emotionally, it has a very uplifting energy. Physically, it can be used for those with eye problems and with vertigo or dizziness. 


Apophyllite is a crystal of Interdimensional awareness. It works most of its magic in the Crown (7th) Chakra but also stimulates and re-charges the Third Eye (6th). Spiritually this crystal's most prominent quality is that it quickly establishes a connection between the spiritual and physical energies at work within us, thus it is a great stone for mediation. It activates inner vision, connection to higher guides and angels, working with spiritual information, and spiritual vision. Connects us with the Higher Self and the Soul. Emotionally, it can assist one in returning to the spiritual path after disillusionment or difficulty. Helps one to develop faith and trust in the Divine and to gain higher perspective on the physical experience. Physically, it infuses the human aura with Light energy, balancing and stimulating the energetic systems. 


Aquamarine is a crystal that facilitates calming, cooling (from anger to hot flashes), and enhancement of clear communication. It works with the Throat Chakra (5th), as well as the Heart (4th.) Spiritually, it activates the throat chakra facilitating communication of one's truth, soothes excessively fiery energies, and promotes understanding between divergent view-points. It helps clear stagnant energies and assists one in releasing old patterns. Emotionally, it helps one release old emotional baggage. It calms anger and is helpful for moving through grief. Physically, it is a cooling stone. It helps counter infection and is especially useful for laryngitis, strep throat, or a sore throat. It also supports the healing of inflammatory diseases of all types. 


Citrine is a crystal of manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, and creativity. It works with the Root (1st), Sexual/Creative (2nd), and especially the Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakras. Spiritually, it is the great manifestor bringing Divine energy into form through intention and action, marrying the energy of the mind with the will. Emotionally, it lightens dark thoughts and brings optimism, playfulness and happiness into one'e energy systems. It assists one in overcoming feelings of being undeserving of abundance. Physically, it is helpful for digestive issues and metabolism. It can be useful to support weight loss and to increase energy. 


Danburite is a crystal of angelic communication, channeling, inter dimensional travel, peace, and freedom from stress. It works with the Heart (4th), Crown (7th), and Transpersonal and Etheric (8th and beyond) Chakras. Spiritually, it encourages communication with higher beings and is execllent for connecting with Angelic entities and energies. It encourages resonance with the Divine heart and the manifestation of high-frequency energy through the physical body. It soothes the emotional body, bringing in a frequency of comfort and angelic rescue. It can help one release grief, intense fear and anxiety, resentment or anger. It's energies are most effective on the spiritual and emotional levels. It can help to bring a calm, optimistic outlook to those that are ill. 

A double termination radiates or absorbs energy at both ends simultaneously, channeling it in two directions at once. These crystals are useful in healing by absorbing negative energy and breaking old patterns. They can also be used to integrate blocked parts of self. 

Fluorite is a crystal of mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision making, and clearing the energetic fields. It works with all the Chakras. Spiritually, it helps bring structure and focus to incoherent or incohesive energies. It helps one attune to higher guidance and is ideal for strengthening one's abilities to receive psychic information from energy fields. Emotionally, it can remedy confusion, instability, dishonesty, and disorders arising form incoherent thought patterns. It helps overcome fear of the future. Physically, it assists in balancing brain chemistry, enhancing learning and memorization abilities, and stimulating the brain. It can assist in issues of dizziness or vertigo and can help one be more physically balanced. 


Healer’s Gold is a crystal of healing, grounding of high-frequency energies into the body, energetic harmony, and balance. It works with all the Chakras. Spiritually, it assists one in incorporating the energies of a healing session as fully as possible. It draws high-frequency vibrations into the body and assists one in grounding these frequencies into the Earth plane, for the manifestation of all desires. Emotionally, it assists those who are indecisive to make clearer, more confident decisions. It lends a solid base from which to experience and explore one's emotional body, so a greater level of self-knowledge can be obtained. Physically, it is an excellent healing stone. It strengthens the blood oxygenating the body, and increases the vitality of the physical vehicle. 


Herkimer Quartz (Diamond) are extremely high vibrating crystals that aid in dream and vision work, promote purification, and the spiritualization of physical life. Wearing them connects us to higher spiritual domains. They work with the Third Eye (6th) and Crown (7th) chakras. Spiritually, they assist in all dream work, astral travel, time travel, dimensional shifting and other explorations into expanded reality. They help illuminate and clear the emotional body. Physically, they assist in general by increasing the amount of Light energy the body can utilize. They can assist the body in purifying and cleansing, and can support one's general physical stamina and energy level. 


Kyanite helps build inner bridges (connecting pathways of energy where before there were none.) It aids in developing psychic ability, connecting with nature, past-life recall, telepathy, and empathy. While it works with all the chakras it especially tunes in with the Third Eye (6th) and Heart chakra. Spiritually, it stimulates the third eye and psychic abilities. It bridges blockages in the energetic and physical bodies and helps protect the auric field form intrusion. It can facilitate telepathy and the transfer of energy from person to person. Emotionally, it helps create new pathways of energy flow and brings immediate shifts in one's perception of the world. Physically, it assists bone breakage, surgery and other intrusive traumas. It is ideal for working to heal the brain form the effects of head trauma, seizure, or stroke. It can aid in creating new neural pathways around damaged areas.

     Black Kyanite 

Grounding and energizing. It can clear blockages in any chakra and replenish the meridian system. Helps one plunge into the depths of the subconscious world and to return to this world with fresh insights. 

     Blue Kyanite 

Blue Kyanite has a high vibration and creates very rapid transfers of energy. It opens the psychic channels and activates the mind centers, accentuating one's mental capacities and enhancing one's ability to 'download' information from higher sources. Links the physical, astral, and causal bodies, catalyzing full consciousness in waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep. 


Labradorite is the gemstone of magic, and protection. Magic refers to the mental and intuitive abilities which include but are not limited to clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel, psychic reading, access to Akashic records, past-life recall, communication with higher guides and spirits, and coincidence control. 'Coincidence control' is the practice of increasing the observed degree of synchronicity and serendipity in one's life. Labradorite works with all the Chakras. Spiritually, it assists one in moving between realities and connecting with unseen realms. It enhances one's capacity to visualize and perceive with the inner eye. Emotionally, it can aid in uncovering unconscious and subconscious belief patterns that generate unpleasant emotional states. It can help one become clearly aware of the source of beliefs. Physically, it can show the patterns that have created disease and can amplify one's healing through thoughts and prayers. 


Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of inner vision, truthful communication, and royal virtues. It works with the Third Eye (6th), and Throat (5th ) Chakras. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. Lapis Lazuli awakens the third eye and enhances one's ability to visualize and receive guidance or information. It enhances meditative journeys, clairvoyance, and precognition. Emotionally, it helps one move one's consciousness beyond the mundane and allows one to identify habits, patterns and lessons one may have difficulty perceiving consciously, and which may be blocking one from making spiritual progress. Physically, it helps one identify the karmic roots of disease. Helpful in identifying habitual thought patterns and emotions sabotaging one's healing. 


Larimar is calming, cooling, and soothing to the emotional body. It promotes enhanced communication, feminine power, and connection with goddess energies. It primarily works with the Throat (5th) Chakra. Spiritually, it teaches the value of self-nuturance and self-respect. It facilitates balance between the active and receptive aspects of oneself. It encourages communication and the expression of emotional energy. Emotionally, it is a powerful cleanser and healer. It is especially useful for those with phobias, panic attacks, stress-related imbalances, and excessive anger and fear. Can help one release judgement. Physically, it is a valuable tool during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It helps reliever high blood pressure and stress related illnesses. 


Lepidolite is a crystal of emotional healing and balance, purification, serenity, relaxation, and stress relief. It works with all the Chakras, especially the Heart (4th) and Third Eye (6th.) Spiritually, it is very useful for balancing one's emotional body and calming the mind. It encourages the release of identification with the ego and acceptance of the present moment as a dwelling place for the soul. Emotionally, it assists one in finding a strong emotional center. It helps balance the emotions and prevents extreme emotional shifts. It is an excellent stone for those with worry or fear. Physically, it is an excellent stone for many types of mental and emotional imbalances. It can energetically curb hyperactivity and or attention deficit disorder. It is an excellent stone for sleep disorders, including insomnia dure to stress, worry, or nightmares. 


Malachite is a crystal of enlightened leadership, creativity, confidence, protection, and a healed heart. It works with the Solar Plexus (3rd) and Heart (4th) Chakras. It is one of the most important stones for protection from negative energies. It can help strengthen our ability to take action in the world and to crate from our thoughts and ideas. Spiritually, it reminds us that we are here to co-create with the universe and that fate is an illusion. It helps one recognize and utilize one's power in a constructive, creative manner. It can be used as a grounding tool and assists in bringing dreams, visions and wishes into reality. Emotionally, it is ideal for burning through the fog of emotional confusion that can prevent one from making conscious choices. Physically, it can help draw toxins from the body and can be used to support fasting, detoxification and other cleansing rituals. 


Moonstone is the gem of the High Priestess, keeper of the feminine mysteries. It is a gem of mystery, self-discovery, intuition, insight, dreams, and the goddess. It works with the Third Eye (6th), and Crown (7th) Chakras. Spiritually, it is a powerful stone for psychic awareness and intuition. Emotionally, it can help one sort through one's emotions and gain a higher perspective on their meaning and purpose. It can aid in releasing frustration and surrendering to the natural progress of the cycles of life. It enhances patience and helps one remain objective. Physically, it is a traditional stone for attuning to the ebb and flow of the moon's energy. Rainbow moonstone acts as a prism that diffuses energy throughout the aura. It is a positive protection stone, helping deflect negative energy while working on the intuitive level. Promotes inner peace and harmony, emotional balance and strength, purification an transformation of negativity, as well as psychic protection. Rainbow moonstones are aligned with the energies of the Goddess, and they can help one successfully empower the feminine aspects of oneself. 


Obsidian is a crystal of psychic protection, grounding, cleansing of negativity, and spirit communication. It works with the Root (1st) Chakra. It powerfully eliminates negative energies in oneself and one's environment. Its protective energies also extend to the mind, illuminating negative thoughts and mental habits so action can be taken to clear their root causes. Spiritually, it assists in recognizing where one is holing negativity and helps to illuminate and cleanse negative emotional patterns from the aura. Emotionally, it is a powerful emotional healer. It leads one to an understanding and acceptance of the darker side of one's nature, so that aspect can be evolved and illuminated. It assists in breaking negative emotionally based patterns such as self-abuse, eating disorders, and addictions, when one is willing to take responsibility for one's own healing. Physically it opens and clears the base and second chakras and assists with removing blockages in the meridian system. 


Opal is a crystal of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. Opal is often associated with the Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra, but varied color opals are also related to the additional chakras. During times of transformation, this is an invaluable energy to work with and hold close to your heart. Mentally, opal is said to enhance memory. It is also used to decrease confusion. In the psychic or spiritual realm opal is used for high spiritual crystal energy vibrations. Emotionally, opal brings its water energy to enhance self-esteem and sense of self-worth. It can help bring these to the surface of your life in spite of anything else going on under the surface. This aligned with the inspiring love energies can help you release damaging inhibitions and access your true spiritual nature. It is a soothing stone which can calm turbutlent emotions and bring a deep sense of hope and inner peace. 


Pyrite is a crystal of masculine energy, manifestation, action, vitality, willpower, creativity, and confidence. It works with the Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra. It is excellent for increasing the power of the third chakra in both men and women. Spiritually, it helps one integrate high-frequency energy into the physical body. It assists one in taking action to create abundance in one's life. Emotionally, it encourages one to overcome fears and take action. It can be useful to help bring one out of one's shell and to encourage one to be more dynamic and confident. Physically, it aids in purifying the body of infection and stimulating proper endocrine function. 


Clear Quartz is a crystal of programmability, amplification of one's intention, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, healing, and memory enhancement. It works with all the Chakras. It is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. Spiritually, it encourages clarity on all levels. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and stimulates all chakras. Emotionally, it is neutral, but it will amplify any emotion with which it moves into resonance. Physically, it stimulates the nervous system, and cleanses the organs and subtle bodies. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body back into balance. 


Rose Quartz is a crystal of Love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, and uniting with the Divine. It works with the Heart (4th) Chakra. Spiritually, it stimulates and opens the heart chakra, clears the emotional body, and assists in the integration and resolution of old emotional programs. Emotionally, it is calming for the mind, assisting one in releasing worry, fear, anxiety and past emotional trauma. Physically, it assists with any heart trauma and imbalance. It can help the heart make the shift from stress-based physiology to the higher frequencies of Love-based physiology. 


Sapphire is a crystal of awareness and discipline. It works with the Third Eye (6th) and Throat (5th) Chakras. Spiritually, it lends strength of mind and increased learning ability. It helps one to access the deeper levels of consciousness, promoting a fuller understanding of self. It is stimulating to the third eye and crown and can enhance psychic vision and abilities. Emotionally, it aids in booming more secure in one's opinion and knowledge. It is a powerful stone for accessing and healing emotional issues that may bleed over from alternate or past lives. Physically, it can be used to help headaches, eye problems, inner-ear imbalances and vertigo. 


Serpentine is a crystal that gives access to the spiritual history of the Earth, connecting with Nature, and kundalini awakening. It works with all the Chakras. Serpentine is one of the best stones for rousing the kundalini energies. Spiritually, it connects one to the Earth and Nature and helps one find one's natural place within the greater web of life. Emotionally, it is soothing, allowing one to release fear of change and hardship and to look ahead to the future with expectation and excitement. It gives one greater perspective of life and can help one to feel less self-centered and more willing to spend time an energy contributing to the greater good, rather than focusing solely on personal goals. Physically, it can assist in cellular regeneration and in replenishing one's energy. 


Smokey Quartz is a crystal of grounding, transmutation of negative energies, practicality, organization, and manifestation of one's dreams and inspirations. It works with the Root (1st) Chakra. It is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones available. Spiritually, as an intense grounding stone, it helps one to receive and utilize more high-frequency energy. Emotionally, it can help one feel more engaged in the world and capable of creating or changing one's reality. Physically, it is best used to counter the negative effects of radiation, including sunburn, exposure to radioactive materials, medical radiation therapy and exposure to focused electromagnetic fields. 


Spirit Quartz is a crystal of merging with the Higher Self, purification, protection, spiritual evolution, and freedom from fear. It works with the Crown (7th) and Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakras. It brings Spirit into play with all aspects of one's inner and outer life, aligning the self with the Higher Self. Spiritually, it is a stone of alignment and harmony, assisting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to resonate fully with one another. Because of this, it can help one evolve one's body to match one's spiritual vibration and ground high-frequency energy into the world through one's creations. Emotionally, it encourages cooperation, group consciousness and a willingness to put aside the self in favor of the higher good. It is an excellent companion for those who tend to be self-centered, confrontational, egoistic or anti-social. It can assist those who have a fear of social situations to become more open and friendly, and less shy. Physically, it allows the physical body to become clearer and more aligned with the energetic bodies. 


Sunrise shells are among some of the most unique and rare shells in the world, found only in Hawaii. It is said that sunrise shells cary healing energy and promote blessings of happiness, hope, strength and protection to those who wear them. The sunrise shell is a member of the scallop family and lives at depths in excess of 150' deep. It is so named because it is most often found in the surf at first light, or sunrise, and the shell's coloration displays the many vivid colors seen in the brilliant Hawaiian sunrises.


It’s believed that no two tourmaline stones have the exact same color and it’s historically revered as a “magic” stone that is capable of protecting whoever wore it. Although it might be a stretch to say tourmaline has supernatural powers, it does have the uncommon and very special ability to generate an electric charge and emit negative ions and far infrared rays. Far infrared rays are invisible waves of energy. They’re able to penetrate all layers of the human body and reach the inner-most regions of tissues, muscles and bone. Through this, far infrared rays and negative ions gently soothe, stimulate and detoxify the body and mind and are able to boost the immune system. 

     Black Tourmaline 

Purification and protection working with the Base (1st) Chakra. 

     Blue Tourmaline

Higher awareness, and communication. Works with the Throat (5th) and Third Eye (6th) Chakras. 

     Red Tourmaline

Alingnment of the individual and Universal heart, healing the heart and the emotions, and rekindling one's passion for life. Works with the Heart (4th) and Root (1st) Chakra. 

     Green Tourmaline 

Healing, strength, vitality, and wholeness. Works with the Heart (4th) Chakra. 

     Watermelon Tourmaline

Promotes calmness and joy, working with the Heart (4th) Chakra. 



 Turquoise is a crystal of wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion. It works with the Throat (5th) Chakra. Spiritually, it represents the wisdom that comes from all of life's experiences. It is an ancient Grandfather ally, counseling one that all experiences are valid and that mistakes are simply another experience. Reminds us that wholeness can only come when we are willing to embrace the full spectrum of frequency and learn from it so we can expand our ability to carry the full spectrum of Light within ourselves. Emotionally, it is a stone for self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and the release of useless regrets. It encourages one to honor oneself as a creation and a tool of the Divine. Physically, it helps oxygenate the blood and increased the amount of prana in the physical body. 


 *All descriptions are from The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian.